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oh. my god.

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So, the short story of the breakup is that while things turned to shite at the early part of the summer, I didn't really know why. Suddenly Aaron was calling me names, telling me to fuck off, despicable shit like that. It turned out that he was cheating on me with a 24 year old bartender whore named TANYA. Because apparently no one named Amber or Crystal or Bambi was around at the time. I officially learned of this when I pressed him on his arriving home at 6am on a Monday morning after his usual Sunday night playing music at the bar with his friends.

I was a wreck for all of August. At first I wanted to work things out but realized pretty shortly that what I really wanted was to just staunch the bleeding. I now feel very happy and so glad I'm rid of the relationship and him and all his crap. Well, most of his crap anyway. He offered, and I accepted, his offer of financial support until I'm done with school. He technically still lives here and now pays me an amount that is rent and what is basically palimony - I cannot afford the house while finishing school even with a regular paying housemate because I can only work part time, and can't make enough money. In truth, though, he lives with the Twinkie, hasn't spent a night here in months, and we are now agreeing that I'm going to get a regular paying roommate and he will pay the shortfall every month until I am done with school. And I get to keep Zoe, at least for now, because he cannot have her in the group home (I mean group house :) he is moving into.

We are not yet financially divorced. Due to his poor credit, dragging his feet and a paperwork snafu he has not yet succeeded in refinancing the car. So I won't sign to close our joint checking so I can see that he is paying that bill on time as well as the car insurance, in case he gets into a wreck so I'm not on the hook for a 10k pile of steel and fiberglass.

That's the necessary backstory for this little tidbit: they went to Vegas for a week for her friend's wedding. Took a Greyhound bus out there. Greyhound sent their stuff to Indy. They had to pay to replace all their clothes for the wedding and spent the last two days of the trip broke. Everybody now: awwwww! Now, I don't make the rules of karma, but you know, I couldn't help but smirk. Until just now, when he texts me to ask if I can transfer $40 into our joint account because he has to pay for every bag he's checking. Nice. There was $2.59 left in our checking. Because I like to be a gracious sort of person, I did it. I will get it back Friday when he gets paid, along with the next payment of his. I can't help but wonder why the twinkie couldn't pay, since she supposedly makes a lot more money than he does.
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On January 5th, 2010 06:36 pm (UTC), infromthecold replied:
you know, another friend and i were discussing that. they did fly home, but i figured it was less humiliating to ask the girl who already knows about all your flaws than the one he's probably still trying to hide them from.

even if he hadn't asked i would've put money in to cover any overdrafts if i'd seen that the balance was that low. i've had to do that once before. those things can apparently affect one's credit, which i didn't know until recently. i can't wait until this situation is over! may, where are you?!
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