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Happy New Year

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Poor LJ, dying a slow and agonizing death of attrition. I always think I ought to post more, and then I don't.

But then something occurred to me that would be too lengthy for Facebook. It seems to me, and hey all I really know of politics is due to living inside the beltway for 20 years and reading a lot, it's not like it's my job or something, but it seems to me that in this new "war on terror" thing that we are apparently stuck with, that we're going about it all wrong. War in the graveyard of empires, the unending quagmire of Iraq, wrong wrong wrong. We're making more terrorists than we're rooting out (which I'm sure is someone's idea of supporting the military-industrial complex and giving us a manufactured enemy to keep us all from looking to closely at what's going on here at home, but I digress), and when someone's father goes to officials to warn them that his nutjob son might be plotting something nefarious there aren't proper channels to at least get the guy hassled to the nth degree when he tries to get on a plane. I mean, because that's all it would really take. Some extra searching and the guy wouldn't have gotten off the ground, and would've been incarcerated before the plane even left the gate. We really ought to get outside the goddamn box with this shit.

In other news, I'm immeasurably happy these days. Aaron is basically living with the twinkie, and good riddance! :)
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On January 4th, 2010 05:19 pm (UTC), infromthecold replied:
omg i read that post what was she thinking???

hey what is the best email address for you? i missed seeing you at ian & angel's new year's bash and would like to invite you to my next shindig this spring!

sounds like paris was awesome!
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