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so, i have a couple of old aol accounts that i don't use for much but receipts for online things, so my regular email doesn't get junked up.

recently, something i found ridiculously amusing happened. i went to sign on and noticed that i had something like 75 emails, which is really unusual for this one account. turns out something had gone drastically wrong with the Pan Am Symphony's server, and instead of "unsubscribe" emails going to the symphony, they got sucked into some vortex where they spun back around and came to everyone on their listserv, as though each person were the symphony. first the replies were just "unsubscribe", then people got annoyed. then people got PISSED OFF. it was fucking hilarious. the most amusing thing was that droves of folks kept telling everyone not to hit "reply all", even though it seemed pretty obvious that it was a malfunction of just emailing to unsubscribe.

it was quite possibly the funniest chain of online weirdness i've ever seen. i probably got about 100 emails over the course of nearly a week. the very last one was an apology from the symphony itself offering 2 for 1 tickets to their next show in May.

funniest of all: "Why You email Me??? I am Professional and nothing to do with Symphony!!!!"

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to watch aaron sing at an open mic night!
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