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oh eljay, how i miss thee

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I can't remember when last I posted. I am now nearly done with clinic, although it is slow going. Lately I've been really craving more than the one-liner posting that facebook is for.

Lately I find that I'm more wound-up than usual. Part of it is the winter setting in, the restlessness that starts to get to me as it gets deeper. But part of it I can't put my finger on. I feel crankier. Angrier. There were/are a lot of frustrating things about the school I'm nearly done with that were almost impossible for me to deal with - mostly of the brick wall sort that leaves one's head bloody in trying to express *to* those in charge just what it's like to deal with them. I think I could've done a two year program, no problem. The fact that the clinic portion of school often takes one past the end-of-classes 3-year mark (my classes ended last summer) means that I'm into year 4 at this point. It's frustrating. I'm also frustrated with politics lately, with this administration that I thought would do some housecleaning. I have no delusions of what a freaking trainwreck situation the country would be in with Mr. Maverick and Caribou Barbie at the helm, but still. Frustrating. Add to this that I couldn't afford to re-up at the gym this semester (local small university allows the community in, and it is pretty good), and I'm soooooo cranky. I'm itching to be on to the next thing and feel very held back from it.

Looking forward to the holiday party I'm throwing this weekend. It will be fun.
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