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the weather outside is...

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astounding! it is june 15th, and it is 73 degrees outside! It is as though I've moved to Maine or something.

In other news, my intern year has begun. After passing my comps and finals I finally started clinic last month. It is really great to be out of the theory of the classroom and being more hands-on. I don't have a first patient quite yet, and didn't realize how much wrangling of conversations and information would be involved in getting any of the many people who have said they want to come see me for acupuncture actually in the door.

Learning to wrangle paperwork has been... not fun. I suppose if it were my system it would be fun, but someone else's system always seems arbitrary to me.

We planted some vegetables in the garden last week, plus some flower seeds. None of the seeds I put in pots came up, which may mean I'm never buying seeds online from Park Seed again. We are hoping to cut down the giant pine trees that block our porch's view of the neighborhood, but I'm super sad about killing them. They are very nice trees, they just don't belong where they are. And I want rose bushes. But still, it seems a shame to just kill perfectly nice trees.

Other than that, life is boring. It is reading week so no school this week, hallelujah. Oh, did the in & out for Clapton/Winwood, and didn't get to hear any of the show because they sent us all to catering (an entirely seperate room) instead of just one end of the arena for the last half hour of the show. Bitches.
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On June 15th, 2009 07:22 pm (UTC), violetdawn commented:
Perhaps you could plant a couple of trees somewhere else (not neccessarily on your property) when you take the others down.
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On June 15th, 2009 09:09 pm (UTC), lonecellotheory commented:
You can always even things out by planting trees to replace those you're taking out. Even if you don't need/have space for other trees elsewhere in your yard, there are other options.
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